Thursday, February 18, 2010

$8.14 @ C V S

I am not even done with my list yet...ugghh. I didnt have the happiest of cashiers when I went to CVS tonight. I had Taylor with me (who by the way was confused as to my multiple transactions but not humiliated :-) so I decided to cut my losses after she told me I couldnt use a coupon on my bogo water! and then only let me use one coupon on my makeup. What ever really. They were out of a few things I wanted anyway and since I had my teen with me that is how the Red Bull (she had LOTS of HW tonight) the not pictured tweezers and the candy ended up in my cart...figures! So I will head to a different CVS tomorrow and try again...

All in all not too shabby. 44.68 worth of items for 8.14 after ECB. The milk, the redbull, the tweezers, the m&m's were *gasp* couponless so that added my total up too.

We will hope to do better tomorrow!!


Gavin's Family February 19, 2010 at 9:42 AM  

So do you use double coupon on an item even when they say "one coupon per purchase"? I'm most likely making this harder then it needs to be, I just don't get all the rules on how to get such an amount So-o-o low.

amy February 19, 2010 at 3:48 PM  

No problem...I get the ad for CVS and find the deals that have ECB (extra care bucks) attached that I have coupons for. The mouthwash and crest for instance were on sale 2/7.00 and you got 7 ECB back. Making it essentially free right? Well I also had a coupon for 75 cents off the toothpaste and 2dollars off the mouthwash so I actually "made" 2.75 on that transaction. On my second transaction I bout the covergirl makeup each for 6 dollars but had a coupon for buy one get one. I also had a coupon for 2.50 for the makeup. I used both and spent 3.50 on the 2 things of makeup and used the ECB's from transaction one to pay for it, but got 5.00 in ECB back making 1.50.

Let me know if this clears it up or makes it more confusing. Oh and btw, I did get your email, but it is buried somewhere. shoot me another one and we can get your new header done before you head off to China!!! its no problem. Do you want a new background too?

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