Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Free Kids card from Hallmark

Go to your local Hallmark store to pick up a free card for your child from now until 3/14/2009. I know that the guidance counselor asked us to send in letters of affirmation to our 3rd graders. What a way to do this at home too! Or a cute treat for a special "date" night with our kids...Wow!

Limit one per customer

Thanks, Bargain Briana!

Happy Clipping


Sara February 16, 2010 at 3:30 PM  

I am mad...I wrote all this and never hit post comment, so here it goes again!

More questions:
1.Meijer says they will double up to two of the same coupon (up to 50cents). Is this true (not on more than 3 same coupons)? Do they double at Walmart?

2.Why Walmart vs Meijer? Meijer seems to have same prices AND has sales.

3.I know you told me your grocery budget, but does that include everything? I buy a ton of fresh produce, 4 gallons of milk a week and boneless chicken breasts and ground turkey (which is pricier). This stuff kills any budget I try to have for groceries.

4.How can you truly have a grocery budget? I find it changes so much, depending how much company we have over, things for school, etc. It also depends on the deals, because I stockpile good deals too.

5.Do you really do multiple transactions at CVS? Do the cashiers get annoyed? So, you use the CVS bucks it spits out on the next transaction?

6.I buy the deals at Walgreens (like CVS has). I was told I could use a manufacturer and Walgreens coupon (from their book), but when I went to purchase, they said I had to have the same number (or more) items as coupons (ie 2 coupons, then 2+ items). What?!

7.I noticed on the online coupons that they say don't double or triple, but Kroger and Meijer do. Is that normal?

Sorry all the questions, but I am determined to save more money! Thanks for helping all of us. You don't have to bring the list on Thurs (I just wrote down the ones you suggested).

amy February 16, 2010 at 10:58 PM  

1. Yes, that is true of what I know of Meijer. They double the first 2 identical coupons but no more than that. You can however use different coupons on the same item (stacking) as long as they are different. Make sense? No Walmart doesnt double coupons.

2. I shop at Walmart for a couple of reasons. You know where I live :-) and actually I like that I can take Kmarts, Meijers, Targets, scotts ect...add in and they will match it except on meat and produce. For me that works better.

3. I budget right now for 500 a month. I am trying to cut that by 200 :-) You definately drink more milk (we do 2 gal a week) and dont do the ground turkey, but that difference should be ofset by the fact that I feed 7 people for dinner and you feed 5. Or at least I would think...Yes it does cover anything. How do you menu plan? My biggest savings I have found is that I have been shopping at Aldi's for what I can and then doing walmart for the rest and obvioulsy CVS and Walgreens have been a huge savings as well. Aldis is better than you think. I have yet to pay over 1.89 for milk and get awsome prices on produce and canned goods actually. I am thrilled that they are building the new one here.

4. When I menu plan, I plan for all my meals for the month add in a couple of leftover nights and a couple eat out nights. I also cook huge amounts of things and freeze the other half. That way if I need a quick meal b/c friends are coming over and we have already used up our "eat out" money I can dip into my freezer stuff, throw a dessert tog and Im good. I have teenagers, we ALWAYS have pop, chips, cookies ect...so munchies are no issue. It is harder, but I also know that we normally entertain a couple times a month at least and plan for it serving wise.

5. Yes, I always do multiple transactions with little issue. I have found that if I do one transaction, leave the bag in the cart, gather what I need for #2 and go back that noone minds. When I come up with a cartful and try to divide it up and do multiple transactions while others line up behind me annoys the cashiers :-) Definately use the ECB's at CVS for your next purchase. The idea is to spend the least amt oop as you can.

6. They are correct. You do have to have 1 item per coupon. Both mfg coupons and RR (the walgreens version of ECB) have to be used on a seperate item. That is why you see all those laffy taffys and lemon balls in the picture. They are known as filler items. Buy your deal, throw in 2 taffys and you can use 3 coupons on the one item. Make sense? Probably not, but I have a post to do on that soon..

7. No, unfortunately internet coupons dont double but you can print them 2 times per computer.

Bring your stuff or proposed list on thursday. I can help you with it while the kiddos play!!

Sara February 17, 2010 at 12:16 AM  

Meijer ad matches too

I used to menu plan, but that doesn't work any more. I do however try to use ingredients I have and have a couple ideas in my head, so I don't have to buy extra.

I cook extra and freeze too.

I've been doing great this month and will go to your other websites this week. I've been keeping track of my expenses, so we will see:)

I like the laughy taffy idea

Maybe I have been lucky with doubling my internet coupons then:)

I like what you do with CVS, going back for the other transactions.

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