Saturday, February 27, 2010

Great deal on getting a coupon stockpile

So...I have to say I was getting really tired of running to my local CVS and rummaging through their papers until I found several with all the inserts. I decided just to call and see how much a few extra sunday papers would be if delivered to my house. Considering I pay 1.75 each paper at CVS, I was hoping for less than a dollar a week. SCORE!

I called up talked to some guy there and asked him what it would cost me for 4 extra papers delivered to my house a week. He said he could do it for a dollar a day but needed 6 months of it up front. So for 103.00 I could get it for 6 months. I am certainly going to save 17 dollars a month using the coupons so it is a pretty good deal, but well I really would have preferred them to bill me for it monthly since I dont want to spend a hundred up front if I didnt have to.

So he transferred me to his telemarketing dept and they offered me a YEAR of the sunday paper for 30 each. So $0.57 an issue! So now for 10 dollars a month I am getting 4 sunday papers delivered! Wooo Hoo...and the best thing? They are billing me for them (due next month) so I can put away my coupon savings the next couple of weeks to pay for them hehehe!!!

So go ahead and call your local paper and see what kind of deal you can get! It may be cheaper than you think :-)


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