Monday, February 15, 2010

Here's an easy one for you to try!!

Ok, Here is a simple coupon deal that you can stockpile with for cheap! Go to and at the bottom they have a link for coupons to print. Print the one for Keebler/Kellogg save 1.00 when you buy three. The coupon will have a pic of All bran cereal on it. Print out at least 2 of these.

Then go to Target and grab 5 packages of Keebler Fudge shop cookies. They are 1.52 a package. When you check out give your cashier the dollar off coupon and your cookies will ring up for like 6.60...BUT you will get a 5.00 gift card making your cookies just 32 cents a package. You can then get 5 more packages and repeat the process and use the first gift card on the second transaction and get a second gift card. and so on for as many coupons you have or cookies you want!

I just did this and am thinking I should grab some more, the cookies freeze well and they go fast with 4 kiddos!

While I was at target I also scored 3 deodorants and a Monopoly card game for under 2 dollars :-) I had (2) 75 cent off degree deodorant (didn't specify size so I bought the trial size for like 14 cents each) and a 50 cent off of suave deodorant (same scenario) The Monopoly game I was 5.29 but I had a coupon for 4.00 off Monopoly (again didn't specify what type of game) Great Birthday present ideas for those last minute party invites!!

Happy Clipping!


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