Monday, February 15, 2010

How to Match 'Em

Ok, you have the coupons, have them organized and want to start matching them. Honestly when you first start (or atleast for me) it was easiest to go to a website like coupon She takes the local grocery stores (for me its Kroger and Walmart) and matches up the coupons whether they are printable or from inserts. She also has links for the printables, as well as what the discount total is going to be. There are other sites out there, but Coupon mom is free and I really liked being able to check off the deals that I wanted and print out the list. Saved me time.

However, the key to couponing is not just to use a coupon on what it is you are wanting to purchase. It is to save the coupons till the item goes on sale, has another coupon whatever so you can get it close to free or very inexpensive.

The key to all of this is stockpiling. I honestly have enough body wash, toothbrushes, toothpaste ect to last me several months. I only buy them now when they are free or just a few pennies. I also will buy things for free that I dont need and donate them (all those nifty glucometer coupons is one example) can be given to people who really need them like homeless shelters ect. I am a big believer in giving as much as I can.

So for example. I went to the Scotts (Kroger) last week. If you read my family blog you saw that we made an incredible recipe using pork shoulder. recipe here Anyway, we all loved it and it was easy and versitile so I want to add it to our monthly menu planner. Scotts has it on this week for 85 cents a pound. I bought like 20 pounds or so. Enough to make it on my menu for several months and now I wont have to pay 2.99 per pound again. By the time I am done with it, it will have gone on sale again.

I did the same thing with laundry detergent. I have about 6 bottles in my cupboard that I got for under a dollar each. That will last me till it goes on sale again. In the meantime I am not using my detergent coupons.

Does that make sense? As you coupon more and more, you will slowly build up a stock pile. Obviously you cannot build a stockpile of fresh fruits and dairy, but most other things. Cereal is another prime example. I have 5 boxes in my pantry right now and about 8 other boxes "hidden" so that I dont have to pay over a dollar for a box of cereal.

So start small. find a great deal and stock up if it is something you are going to use. Carry your coupons with you and remember to use them. This is the benefit of having multiple papers so that if you want to buy 10 bodywashes because they are a great deal you have the coupons to do so.

Happy Clipping


Phil, Mica, and Skylar February 20, 2010 at 2:52 PM  

OK AMY, Ok now I have coupons and they are organized, but the matching and everything else seems a little intimidating. Especially making more than one purchase and what not. Money saving sounds good though. SO I have another question too...can you use 2 different coupons on the same item? I am very new to this if you can't tell!

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