Sunday, February 14, 2010

What I am getting for almost FREE from C*V*S this week!!

So I am figuring some of you want to hear all about the deals already...Sara???

Anyway, I just did the coupon match that I am going to do for C V S this week. There is a whole nother post on how to put them together, but I am getting 16 items for essentially free...and making a bit on the process

So I would start here (and remember I am a beginner too...)


1st transaction:
Buy both Crest Pro-Healthy Enamel Shield Toothpaste and Rinse
Coupon: 75c from 2/7 P&G (toothpaste) and $2 from 2/7 P&G (rinse)
Pay $4.25 and get $7 ECB
Total: $2.75 money maker!

So so far we have spent 4.25 but now have 7.00 in ECB back.

Next transaction:

Aussie Hair Care — $2.99
Deal: Buy 1 and use $1 Q. Pay $1.99 and get 2 ECB

Covergirl 1 pressed powder, 1 liquid foundation (teen remember??)
6.00 each. Use BOGO from P&G and 1.00 from P&G.
Pay 5.00 for both and get 5.00 ECB

Sobe Life Water
BOGO sale. Buy 2 Use additional BOGO coupon
Buy 2 for FREE!

USE 7 ECB from transaction 1 to pay for this. Still only 4.25 OOP and now have a 2 and a 5 ECB= 7 ECB

Transaction 3:
Neutrogena (2) theraputic shampoos at 5.29 each
(2) 2.00 printable coupons
Pay 6.58 after MFG and get 5 in ECB

Colgate total toothpaste 2.99
use 1.00 mfg
pay 1.99 and get 2 ECB

Use 7 ECB from transaction 2 and pay 1.57 OOP (total of 5.82 OOP) have a new total of 7 ECB (5 and 2)

Transaction 4:Gillete disposable razors (sale for 5.79)
use 3.00 mfg. pay 2.79 get 2 ECB

Buy 1 glade sense and spray, 1 plug in, and 1 refill for total of 12.00
Use BOGO coupon, 3.00, 1.50 and 1.50 MFG
Pay 3.00 for 3 get 4 ECB

Buy 2 small scotch lint rollers for 1.00 each
use (2) 1.00 MFG

Total owed 5.79 use 5 ECB from transaction 3. Pay .79 OOP

So for a total of 6.61 OOP I got all of these items PLUS I have 6 ECB with this transaction and 2 left from transaction 3. Total 8 ECB for next time. So essentially I made $1.39 and bought 16 items. Wooo hooo!!

One helpful hint: I will go get all the items for transaction 1 pay for it, leave the bag in the cart and go on to transaction 2 ect. I have found that this not only helps me with keeping from being confused, but a lot of times I get an extra coupon that prints on the bottom of my reciept for something like 3.00 off of 15. I can use that on a purchase if possible. Even better!

Happy Clipping


Madeline February 14, 2010 at 10:41 PM  

I'm so confused! How do you do this?! Is it all online or what? We're using coupons now too, but I have NO idea how you're saving what you are...and where you're getting these things (online or in the store). Help!

amy February 14, 2010 at 11:07 PM  

How long have you been clipping coupons? Several of the coupons are from january. Many of them are from last weeks PG add that was in the paper. I only printed out 2 this week from online. The Sobe Life water and the Neutrogena coupons. It takes quite a while to stockpile your coupons. You might want to buy 2 papers or more. They will easily pay for themselves. You can also get them off of Ebay as well for cheap if you are looking for something specific and have a good deal that you want. It is confusing, but I am hoping that step by step you will get it better. I can help you next time you are in town too.
Love you!

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