Monday, March 1, 2010

Look at what I scored at Target FOR FREE!!!

I did great at target today!
3 boxes of Kashi cereal
3 boxes of Kashi crackers
4 boxes of Kashi granola bars
2 4pk of GE lightbulbs
3 Venus Embrace Razors
3 Olay body washes
1 joy dish detergent
2 glade scented oil warmers
2 glade scented oil refills
1 Aussie Shampoo
5 boxes of Keebler Cookies
1 bag of popcorn to keep Sam a happy camper :-)
Total Value 100.22

I paid 25.91 OOP (I did have a prior 5.00 GC from the last cookies)
I recieved $10.00 additional in GC
Making my total 14.91
I will submit for the 15.00 Olay rebatehere

Making my total FREE!!!! with an overage of .09!!

I actually could have done better if I would have put my glade scented oil warmers and refills on a seperate order. SC Johnson has a 5.00 rebate here that I could have submitted and got my glade for almost free! Ugghh.. Oh well, I am not about to back to the store, return the items and rebuy them. Nope, I did well enough today!

So how did I do it?

The Kashi has a promo going on if you buy 4 you get the 5th box free.
I had coupons for each box of kashi including the free one. Making my Kashi total around 9.47 after coupons for 10 boxes! If you look around the cereal, certain cereals have peelie tags for 1.00/1 and 3.00/2. That way you can still do the deal without worrying about finding coupons

The cookie deal at target: Buy 5 keebler cookies at 1.52 each= Pay 7.60 and get 5.00 back in gift cards. I keep rolling this deal so I only have to pay 2.60 OOP each time.

The Razors/bodywash: Buy 3 Venus Ebrace razors for 4.99 each = 14.97
Buy 3 Olay bodywashes ON THE END CAP ONLY. There is a promo for these body washes if you buy 3 you get a GC for 5.00. You can price check the bodywashes to make sure it will come up GC promo on the side of the price check. They body washes are 5.50 each= 16.50
So a total of 31.47
Minus (3)coupons for buy razor get free olay body wash: 31.47-16.50=14.97
Minus (3) coupons for 2.00 off Venus razor: 14.97-6.00= 8.97
Get 5.00 gift card back from body washes= 3.97
(I also had (1) 1.00 off olay body wash coupons that my cashier let me use!!_
making my total for 3 razors and 3 body washes 2.97. And I can make 12.03 on the rebate!!!

The Lightbulbs are on pricecut for 2.00 pp
There is a target coupon at for 1.50 off (print 2)
There is a MFG coupon for 1.00 off at Bricks
Free Light bulbs!

The Aussie was on sale for 2.99 and I had a 1.00 MFG (Tay likes this shampoo)making it 1.99

The Glade scented oil warmers and refills. the refills were on sale for 2.99 and I had 1.50 off MFG coupons making them each 1.50 I also had (2) buy a refill and get a warmer free coupons and 1.00 off the warmer coupons. So essentially I spent 3.00 for 2 warmers and 2 refills.

The Joy was on pricecut for .88 and I had a .30/1 making it .58 cents

Woo Hoo...I am excited over this one!!

Happy clipping


Amy March 2, 2010 at 6:29 PM  

What a haul! I love Target.

Just for other readers, the cashier should not have allowed you to use the $1/1 Olay wash since you already used the free wash WYB razor coupon on them. It still would be a $9 MM though.

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