Sunday, March 28, 2010

Opinions Please?????

Word press vs blogger?

That is my current question. I have always used blogger, I use blogger for my personal blog and I love it. It is easy, effective and I have gotten better about making it "pretty"! But something is nagging at me about this site. I dont feel that it is as easy to navigate as I would like it to be. Wordpress sites look cleaner and more organized. What do you all think?

You are who I am writing for, so I am needing your input here. And what are some ideas that you would like to see implemented?

and while we are on the topic of blog changes....

what posts would you rather me concentrate on? Is it ad matches, freebies, shopping sales? what would you rather see, or do you like all of it?

Opinions are desperately needed here, so help a girl out and give me a comment on this one kay?

Also, does anyone understand how to work wordpress as far as getting a cute theme ect??? hehehehe


Sara March 28, 2010 at 7:23 PM  

I like Blogger personally, but I am not one who does well with change!

The only change I would recommend (and I have no idea how you do it), is that when you click on a link on your site, it takes you away from your site (vs making a second tab). Some of the big sites have that feature, which makes it easier to go back to their site (keeps viewers).

I like it all, with a few suprises in between. Keep on keeping on!

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