Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Walgreens Preview

Here are the upcoming RR deals at Walgreens next week:

Buy 3 or more participating Oral-B or Crest products and receive $3 RR

Buy participating Vicks products and receive Register Rewards:
Buy $15, get $5; Buy $20 or more, get $10 in RR
Cold/Cough Soothing Vapor Plug In w/Pads 5ct
Cold Cough Vapo Pads 6ct
Nyquil Liquid Original 6oz
Nyquil Liquicaps 12ct
Vaporub Jar 1.75oz
Nyquil + Vitamin C Caplets 10ct
44 Cough Cold PM Berry Liquid 6oz
44 Dry Cough Berry Liquid 6oz
Dayuil + Vit C Caplets 10ct

Buy $25 or more participating Zyrtec, Tylenol, Simply Sleep, St. Joseph or Motrin products and get $10 RR
Zyrtec Itchy Eye Drops .17oz
Zyrtec-D 12 Hour Tablets 24ct 120mg/Dose
Simply Sleep Caplets 100ct
St Joseph 81mg Enteric Aspirin 180ct
Motrin IB Caplets 100ct
Tylenol Extra Strength Caplets 100ct
Tylenol Rapid Release Gelcaps 100ct
Tylenol PM Rapid Release Gelcaps 80ct
Zrytec 24 Hour 10mg Tablets 30ct

Get $5 RR WYB $20 or more participating Nabisco products
Week Long Pricing – 2/$5.00
Chips Ahoy! Easy Open 15.25oz
Oreo Cookies 18oz
Chips Ahoy! Chewy 15oz
Oreo Double Stuff 18oz
Golden Oreo 18oz
Cakesters Vanilla 12oz
Nutter Butter 16oz
Golden Oreo Cakesters 10.56oz

Buy participating Prilosec, Align or Metamucil products and receive Register Rewards
Buy 2, get $3; Buy 3 or more get $8 RR
Prilosec OTC 20mg Tabs 28ct
Metamucil Smooth Orange 114D
Align Probiotic Capsules 28ct
Metamucil Plus Calcium Caps 120ct
Metamucil SM/Lemon S/F 114D
Metamucil Clear/Natural Powder 57D
Metamucil PCK SMTH TXT SF Orange 44s
Metamucil Capsules 160ct
Metamucil Orig Reg 114D
Metamucil Smooth Berry S/F 114Dose
Metamucil SM/Orange SF 114D
Metamucil SM/Reg 114D

Get $10 RR WYB $20 or more participating Dr. Scholl’s products
Massaging Gel Insole Men
Massaging Gel Insole Women
For Her Heel Liners 2S
For Her Sole Expressions Insole 3PR
For Her 16 Hour Insole 1PR
For Her Ball-O-Foot Cushion 2S
Massaging Gel Sport Insole Women
Memory Fit Insole Men
Massaging Gel Work Insole Men PR
Massaging Gel Heel Cup Medium 2S
Massaging Gel Arch Support Mens 2S
For Her Comfort Insoles
Back Pain Instant Relief Insole Men
Adjustable Arches Men 2S
Knee Pain Relief Orthotic Men 2S
Arthritis Pain Relief Orthotic Men 1PR
For Her Smooth Sole Micro File
For Her High Heel Insole 1PR
Tri-Comfort Insoles For Women
Tri-Comfort Inserts For Men

Get $3 RR WYB 3 or more participating Oral B Advantage 123 toothbrush, Crest Glide Floss or Crest Whitening toothpaste products.
Week Long Pricing-3/$8.00
Crest Whitening Expressions T/P Cinnamon 6oz
Crest T/P Whitening Plus Scope
Crest Glide Comfort Plus Mint 43.7yd
Glide Deep Clean Mint Floss 43.7yd
Crest Whitening Expressions T/P Herbal Mint 6oz
Oral-B ADV T/B 1-2-3 Med
Crest T/P Whitening Plus Scope Peppermint 6.2oz

Get $2 RR WYB $10 of participating Bounce, Tide or Downy products
Week Long Pricing – $3.99
Bounce Dryer Bar or 70 or 80pack sheets
10 pack Tide Stain Release or Liquid 20oz
Downy Liquid 21 – 40LD
Downy Dryer Sheets 70 – 80ct

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