Tuesday, April 6, 2010

and THIS is why you bring ALL your Q's with you to the store

This is what I got at CVS tonight for a grand total of $8.60 cents!! (after ECB's)

It totaled to 78.87 worth of goods.

I snagged:

3 pantene shampoos (free with Q)
Contact solution (free after ECB)
Baby wash (2.99 had 2.00 Q)
Baby Lotion (2.99 had 2.00 Q)
face scrub free after CVS Q
Paper towels free after CVS Q
2 mascaras (75 % off + 1.00 Q)
1 big box diapers (sale 19.99 had 4.50 cvs q and 2.00 mfg q total=13.50...I also got 10 ECB for buying 25 dollars of baby items)
1 nail polish ( on clearance 75 % off plus 1/1 Q=free)
2 Honest teas (I was thirsty and had a bogo Q)

I also had 2 ECB and a 4/15 that printed out of the Kiosk.

I spent 18.60 total and recieved 10 ECB back after my 2 transactions!!!

I was SO excited!

Wags was even better:

I actually am going to be paid for buying all of this. I have 2 MIR to send in. One for 4.50 from the pens and 1 for the free movie tix from Hersheys (I already had 2 bags)

So the total is that I spent 8.62 total and recieved 6 RR. Totaling 2.62 OOP. with my MIRs I just earned 1.88 plus a movie ticket for bringing all this home :-)

Total Value 156.95!

I went just for the pens, the Kotex U and the toothbrushes. but while I was wandering the aisles I found the Sally Heshberger shampoo on sale for 2.39 ( I had a 2/1 Q in my binder) I then found the razors on sale for 2.25 each!!! ( I had 4/1 Q's for each of them...AND they were BOGO 1/2 off!) Then I spotted the Shaving cream on clearance for 70 cents each. I had $0.55/1 for each of them and was surprised when they were BOGO 1/2! I also snagged a couple of hersheys york peppermint patties for 1.25 each. I had so much overage from the razor Q's that it took care of everything except for tax!!! I would have still gotten some great deals, but not all of it for free!

So the break down is

6 toothbrushes free after Q and RR
8 Razors free
5 shaving cream free
Sally shampoo on clearance
2 stride 4 pk gum (needed fillers)
2 york peppermint patties
5 pks of pens (19 cents each with instore Q!)
1 pk highlighter (same deal)
1 pkg Kotex U free

So the moral of the story is BRING YOUR COUPONS WITH YOU!!! :-)


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