Monday, April 26, 2010

disappearing act...

I totally disappeared on ya'll yesterday didnt I? I had a post scheduled and in my sleep deprived haze I did it wrong :-( Of course I didnt know that it didnt post til I looked at my blog this morning. I am such a slacker!

Anywhoo, there wasnt a lot going on in the coupon world yesterday so I am thinking I didnt pick too bad of a day to disappear on you:-)

Honestly, you may have to bear with me a bit this week. We are having a HUGE garage sale at my church to benefit the Orphan Ministry that I am totally hyped about.

That being you have any idea the amount of STUFF you get when you offer to take donation items from a very large congregation??

A M A Z I N G ! ! ! !

I worked in the toy Hell world for hours...seriously! and didnt feel like I made ANY progress!

This is what my world still looked like at then end of my shift

PCC garage sale 005

Crazy huh? So needless to say we still have lots of work to be done and I will be putting in some major hours this week at Church :-) Anything I can do to help little ones find forever families is totally worth it!

Add in 27 hours of work over the last 7 days and I am beat! I know all you working mama's are rolling your eyes at me, but honestly...I am not used to it anymore and it is 3rd shift...on a psych ward...'nuff said!

Hoping for more good deals to pop up today!


Erin April 26, 2010 at 2:12 PM  

i wondered what was going on, i checked back often, but no post! :) you are so busy this week (and for good reasons), i think we will all forgive you :) get some great rest!

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