Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to save money on utilities..part 1

I think I am in a serious saving money mode lately. I want to talk about how to save cash on those pesky recurring bills each month. You know what I mean, the gas bill, the electric, the water bill ect. All those monthly deductions from your bank account that Never. Seem. To. Go. Away! I have been googling today trying to find ways to cut my budget and here are a few of what I have found, mixed in with a lot of my own. I will have to track and see which ones of these actually make a difference. I am going to start a series. First we will start with my huge energy suck...the Gas bill:

Now this bill is going to get better soon...why? Ummm.... SUMMER!!! My gas bill is pretty non existent in the summer but spikes so darn high in the winter (just when all the birthdays and christmas presents are needed!) So how to save?

1. Turn down your thermostat! Or atleast at night when you are all snuggled under the blankets. We did this religously this past year and it definately showed a decrease in our gas bill. If you have the money to invest in a programable thermostat, do so. It is much easier to have the heat automatically rise than to remember on the faulty memory of your sleepy hubby :-)

2. INSULATION! All that cold air getting in is killing your budget. The better insulated your home is the warmer it will stay. Logic right? So seal up those cracks and insulate that attic. Many of the energy companies will come and do an evaluation on your home for free and tell you where you need to improve your energy costs. I KNOW those plastic wrapped windows are U-G-L-Y, but so is a negative account balance. If your windows are old and drafty seal them!

3. Change your furnace filter and have it serviced annually. The better your furnace is maintained, the better it is going to preform. Better preformance=Bigger savings at the end of the month. Not to mention the savings that you will have from a longer lifespan of the furnace yourself!

4. If you have a gas hot water heater...wrap it, insulate it, whatever. I have an electric one in an insulated basemement, so this isnt an issue for me, but by insulating your water heater and turning the temperature down a degree or 2, you will certainly reduce the spending on your gas bill.

Any other ideas anyone?????? I think that we can all use some advice on how to cut costs, beyond couponing!


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