Saturday, April 24, 2010

Where to get more Q's


Are you looking to score a load of free candy bars this week? Or what about the high value stayfree or benadryl Q's available for the RR deal this week?? I have a great solution for you.
I have chatted before about using a coupon service or ebay to get your stockpile going. Well, Virgina from My coupon hunter is willing to offer my readers Free First Class shipping on any purchase of $5.00 or more from now until May 30th! Wooohooo...That means I can buy some of those coupons for the candy bars and only pay 10 cents each! YUM..I use a clipping service to find all those darn q's that never seem to make it to my region.

This is an awsome way to build up your stockpile without having to buy mulitple papers every week.

Virgina has got some awsome customer service going on as well, so if you have a question, dont hesitate to contact her...
Try it out, I think that you will find it quite addicting to use this means of building your stockpile, and just think..they are already clipped for you!

Use Code SHIP when you order and let me know what ya think


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