Monday, May 3, 2010

The best purchase I have ever made...

Remember This??


Yup, thats my dog...well one of them. We call him Jabba dog 'cause he is just HUGE! We also have another dog Casey who is about 150 years old and cant hear and is blind. 2 needy cats round up our packed household as well...

Ok, I am gonna be totally honest here....I am a very strict mom. Ask any of my kids and they will tell you how strict I am, how many chores I pile on and how everyone else gets to do all this stuff and they cant (like jumping off a bridge???)

HOWEVER, I am not all that strict of a Mom to my pets. They are spoiled. My dogs get on my furniture (only the front room) they all have the run of the house and think that they can get away with anything. This was working quite well, until Jabba dog grew to big for me to effectively control. You see, he is really big and strong and I cannot just pick him up and move him anymore. He also is barky, and annoying when we have visitors because in typical Lab fashion...he thinks EVERYONE loves him....Yeah, not so much

Lets just say I was just a tiny bit excited when I found this waiting to be sold at the garage sale!

I paid a dollar for this thing and had no idea if it would work...

Honestly I think it is the best thing ever! It emits a loud noise that obviously annoys my dog enough to make him stop barking, chasing the cats, digging into the trash AND...gets him to come in when I call! WOO HOO

It is the miracle trainer for sure! It is totally painless and extremely effective. The best thing is it works on the cats too! Casey (our ancient dog) is evidently too deaf to hear it but thats ok, she gets LOTS of leeway for being SO old.

I really cant say enough great things about it. We actually can effectively control our dog without the need for a wrestling match or shoving him into the basement when people come over! YAY! You can get one for yourselves here but sadly its gonna cost you a bit more than a dollar.

Totally worth it for us!

Now if only we can just remember to keep it away from the 3 year old hehehee.


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