Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CVS and Walgreens trip tonight

I finally gpt my act together (and found my camera cord) to get on over to CVS and Wags today. I went fully expecting to find the place sold out and believe it or not...everything I wanted was in stock..YAY!

So the picture shows it all except for 2 gallons of milk and 3 more 12 packs of pop and 1 small package of cvs candy. The milk was put away already, the pop I was too lazy to carry into the house and the candy? Well lets just say I skipped dinner to go shopping before a meeting tonight ;-)

So here is the breakdown for my newbies:

Milk 2 gallons pay 2.59 each get 1 ECB back(total 2 ECB's)

Right Guard on sale 2.99 ea = 5.98
Used 3/2 Q= 2.98
Got 4 ECB back (1.02 MM)

Crest toothpaste on sale 3.50 (bought 2)
Used (2) $0.75/1 Qs= $5.50
Got 7 ECB back (1.50 MM)

Kotex Pads 4.99
Used 1/1 Q= 3.99
Got 4.99 ECB (1.00 MM)

Shick Hydro razor 8.99
Used 5/1 Q= 3.99
Got 4 ECB = FREE!

Carefree pantyliners 1.00
Used 1/1 Q

So after ECBs I spend $1.40...pretty much tax on all my stuff!!(the overage paid for the milk!) on $40.67 worth of goods

Wags went like this:

Trans 1
Shick razor at 7.99
EOS shave cream at 2.99
Use 5.00 MFG
Use 5.00 RR from prior purchase(halmark cards)
paid 1.75
got otal: 8 RR back(a 5 and a 3)

trans 2
shick razor 7.99
gummy candy .39
use 5.00 MFG
use 3 RR from shaving cream
pay 97 cents
get 5 RR back

trans 3
EOS shave cream 2.99
gummy candy .39
sunglasses on clearance 2.00
Use 5 RR from Razor from trans 1
pay 76 cents
get 3 RR

trans 4
Shick razor 7.99
4 soft scrubs at 4.19 ea bogo
1 candy oranges .39
Use 5/1 razor coupon
use (2) bogo soft scrubs ( so 4 free bottles)
use 3 RR from trans 1
Paid 1.55
Got 5 RR

Trans 5
shick razor
gummy candy

use 5/1 coupon
use 3 RR from shav cream in trans 3
pay .97
get 5 RR

Trans 6
2 pair sunglasses on clearance. (1.00 and 3.33)
4 12 packs of pop
use (3) 5 RR from razors in trans 2, 4 and 5
pay 2.47
get 3 RR

Trans 7
razor at 7.99
gummys at .39
use 5/1 Q
Use 3 RR from trans 6
pay 97 cents
get 5 RR

Whew! I ran out of time and couldnt use my last 2 razor Qs so I will have to go back. I would have just alternated the shave cream with the razors but there was a one per person limit and my cashier was sweet but only let me get away with 2 :-)

So I spent a total of 12.44 and got a 110.76 worth of goods.

So for tonight 13.88 I spent and got a whole lot of goodies!! over a 150 dollars worth!

How did you do this week???

Ps...dont mind my son modeling the pair of shades he claimed as his :-)



MageeMommy May 11, 2010 at 10:57 PM  

AMAZING! I've only been able to convince the checkout person to do 2 transactions at my local Wags. WOW! This was well planned!!!

amy May 11, 2010 at 11:43 PM  

I always try to go to the cosmetics counter to do my checkout. I do my trans one by one too...so I get the stuff for trans 1, check out and tie the bag. tell her I will be back and go and get the stuff for trans 2.( i never leave the store though) I am simply not organized enough to do more than 3 at the same time. Plus, it helps her not have a huge line pile up. My wags cashiers are pretty sweet so I am very very lucky!

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