Friday, May 28, 2010

Easy Organization

If you are like me, you are overwhelmed with paper. School work, junk mail, paperwork to fill out and COUPONS! I have SO MANY COUPONS! This is a great thing as far as saving money goes, but a bit challenging to keep up with at times. I tend to devote a ton of time to my coupons so sadly my other paperwork piles up.

One thing that I have been better at is my recipes. I love to try new and healthy recipes for my family...especially when I just bought 120 pounds of chicken or something on sale. I love tons of recipe sites like PW Good Cheap Eats All Recipes and Crockpot 365 just to name a few. What I hate is making a recipe, or even adding it to my menu plan and then not being able to find the recipe...or taking tons of time looking for it.

I have found that Springpad is a great way to keep all your online recipes in one place. How sweet is that? Super easy to use, cut down on paper and FREE!

What could be better??


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