Monday, May 24, 2010

I am SOOOO excited...and thank you!

Sorry for the lack of pictures laptop will be back tomorrow :-)

I just wanted to thank all of you readers!

You see, when I started this blog several months ago, my hubby and I talked a lot about the time and effort that I would put into it. I easily spend 6-8 hours a day searching and posting deals as well as matchups. Now it is nice 'cause it works around my schedule, but it is still a TON of time. Hubs and I agreed that I would do this on a trial basis for 6 months and then we would reevaluate if I would continue. His point being that it was a lot of time that could be spent elsewhere unless I could earn an income with it.

Well thanks to your support of my blog, I recieved my first check in the mail today! You see, you support Clipping for Cash in a variety of ways that are of no cost to you whatsoever. (Printing some coupons from the links I provide you is one small way, shopping for anything that you were going to buy from amazon just by going through the link on my side bar is another...) It is called affiliate marketing and you will find it on almost every blog out there. Basically companies pay me to promote their product. It is something that I will never get rich off of, but it is a nice way to appease my hubby and prove my validity as a blogger.

Soooo..I have officially made around 16 cents an hour for the last several months, but hey it is something!hehehehe

Thank you all my dear readers for your support, your comments, and your encouragement! I hope that you will continue to support Clipping For Cash and continue to help me promote it in order to help a lot more people save money!

Yay!!! I dont think I have ever been so excited about a check before :-)


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