Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm Baaaack!

Well garage sale hysteria is now over! and your regularly scheduled blogging can now continue! We were able to raise over $8000.00 for our adoption ministry! God blessed us BIG time! We also were able to help some local charities with all the awsome stuff that didnt sell! It was a great and crazy week...and we are so happy it did so well for the first time!

So now that I have napped and feasted on some super yummy chinese food I finally decided to pop back on the computer tonight.

I honestly still cant see straight to do match ups, so I am going to link to the sites that have them done already. They are done differently than mine...they list make sure you are getting a deal. If you have a question you can feel free to email me about it :-)

You can get the drug store lists at Hip 2 Save

You can see the Meijer matchups at BargainstoBounty

and target is at Totally Target

I will give you an idea when I get my matchups done as to what I am buying this week :-)

Thanks for being patient with me :-)


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