Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Free Christian Resources

These look to be some great resources for anyone who is unemployed or facing the prospect of unemployment. We suffered a job layoff shortly after coming home with our son. It was a terrifying and stressful time. These would have been a very welcome resource for us so I am happy to share. Here is the blurb from the website

"Job loss impacts all aspects of our lives—financial, social, emotional, and spiritual. In the Discovery Series booklet Now What? The Healing Journey Through Job Loss, author Chuck Fridsma shares his journey through employment, job loss, and faith in a way that offers practical help.

Picking Up the Pieces After Job Loss: Reflections from Our Daily Bread is a 4-week devotional developed to encourage and bring hope to those facing the loss of employment. Each daily article has been selected to help you deal with the stresses of job loss and to serve as a reminder that God is still there and knows all your needs."

Go here if this is something that can help you or someone you love.


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