Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Schedule....

I thought that for all of you obsessive/compulsives out there, that I might give you an idea of what my schedule is for posting. I am a SAHM and pretty flexible, but if I dont set limits it will all of a sudden be 5 pm and I have gotten nothing done. It is amazing to me what a time suck the computer can be! So I have a general schedule for my self. I typically will post from 7:30-9ish. I do a ton of posting in that time period. Then I will stay off till after 1:00ish (naptime) Then off again till after dinner/bedtime.

Sometimes you will see posts at odd hours from me, but typically they arent deal posts. I can and do schedule posts to fill up that time period if I know I am going to be gone.

Of course this is all subject to change depending on the trashed state my kiddos left the house in the morning or the temperment of my busy 3 year old :-)

Hope that helps some of you!


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