Thursday, May 27, 2010

Price Matching

Today, I thought I would touch on the concept of price matching. My good friend Tara wrote to me and told me about all the deals she scored at price matching! You know that cereal that is 1.68 this week (kelloggs)at cvs. Well she got a bunch for super cheap due to coupons and price matching. You see the price was good even with the coupons, and she could have done that deal at CVS, but Meijer is offering a 4 dollar catalina when you buy 4 kelloggs cereals!

This is especially important when using coupons that would double at the stores. If I have a 50 cent coupon off of a product that is a cheap price at CVS or Wags or wherever...then if I price match it, the coupon would be worth a dollar at Meijer or Walmart for the same deal. Essentially doubling your savings!

Price matching is simple to do at Meijer or Walmart, you just bring the ad with you and show it to the cashier. Target also price matches but you must do it at the customer service center. Target is a great place to match when they are offering up their gift card promotions.

No matter what store you choose to price match at, it is a great option to have to further grow your savings. I will try to point out all the potential price matches I see in the match ups from now on...

Thanks for the idea Tara!


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