Monday, May 10, 2010 out for Cheap! is at it again!! You can grab a great 25.00 gift certificate for only 2.00 by using code ENJOY Between now and 5/13!

Or you can choose to buy Dinner of the Month Club. This is an even better deal since you will get not only a 25.00 GC for every month (12 total) but one free $50.00GC as well! By using the same promo code you can get it for only 24 dollars! What a great and inexpensive way to ensure you have a date night with your hubby every month or use it as an awsome gift for family and friends

This is how it all works: and choose a resturant that you like in your city. There are typically several to choose from in various price ranges.

Make sure you read your resturants special instructions. Many have a minimum purchase requirement, or add a mandatory gratuity for example) and then add to your cart. When you check out use code ENJOY and your email confirmation will be emailed to you. You also have the choice to personalize the page if you are giving the certificates as a gift.

These certificates dont expire for a year so you have tons of time to use them. Honestly, I only stock up when they go to this price :-) It is a super easy way to go out to eat for CHEAP!

Happy Eating!


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