Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Walt Disney World...on a budget

YAY! We are heading to the most wonderful place on earth in a little over a month! Yipppee...can you tell I am excited?

This trip was planned and rooms paid for before I became a SAHM so we are working on cutting costs as much as possible.

This is what we have done SO far:

*We did the Disney Give a Day Get a Day program and recieved 5 one day passes (that we will upgrade at the end of the day for 8 day passes..saving over 420 dollars!)

*We are staying on site but we did recieve a PIN code for 30% off our room rate (we are staying at a moderate) Making our hotel cost for the week just at 1001.00 incl tax

*We are going to try and not "hop" this time...saving over 330.00. We will see how it goes but I am pretty excited about collecting FP so we dont have to wait in lines in the evening.

*Breakfast and Lunches will mostly be spent in our room. My fam is just fine with poptarts and cereal. Sandwiches are the order of lunches for us, espeically since we are NOT used to the extreme heat

*We are bringing our own water bottles since you can fill them up with ice and water at all the Counter Service resturants FOR FREE!

*We only buy souvinears one day (at DTD) this limits us having to haul junk around the park and it is easier to set limits on spending

So far my budget is just under 3k....EEK!!! Seems SO pricey for a vacation!

So help me out here...what are some of your best tips for saving cash at the most expensive Wonderful place on Earth?


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