Friday, June 4, 2010

Attention Kroger Shoppers (and Scotts too)

You need to hurry and register your shopping card for Cellfire E coupons

This is a service that provides free coupons that attach to your shopping card. These are great coupons because they stack along with the paper manufacture coupons. Whats better than douoble coupons or something???

Anywhoo...If you go here and register this morning you will be all set for the offer coming this afternoon!

At 3 pm Pacific Time (6 pm for me) go here to grab an extra special coupon. You can get a coupon for up to $10 off your next purchase! WOOO HOOO... Free money! This is gonna go fast I am sure, but I am thrilled since I have some cats to spend from the water deal I did earlier!!


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