Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Its a rainy Wed and I have none :-)

However I was just reading a blog post about getting kids to help around the house. What is it that helps your household run like clockwork? I have to admit I am a pretty tough taskmaster with 4-5 set jobs for each child a day. Some jobs are daily and some are weekly but of course they still complain and get bored with the same routines. Suggestions anyone???

Catching up from vacay is always a hard thing for any Mama to do, but a couponing mama has it worse. I had 3 weeks of inserts to clip and file. Hmmmmm...
I really wish I would have taken a picture of the stack of inserts considering I get anywhere from 8-12 papers a week! Personally for me clipping is the worst so I did what all smart moms would do.....

I auctioned off the work! Hehehe...I have 2 teens who are more than capable of sorting and clipping the coupons. I offered up $$$$ and Taylor jumped on it. She had spent her money on vacay and has no current bsitting jobs lined up :-) So there she sat for a few hours snipping away. What a help that was...and worth every penny of my seven dollars!

I also forked out some more cash for a complete organization of my pantry and all kitchen and bathroom cabinets. So for 20 bucks I got my coupons clipped, and all my cabinets organized. Not too bad an investment huh????

So what is the going rate in your house?


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