Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nielsen Home Scan is open....Hurry!

Woo Hooo!

Nielsen Home Scan is open again! If you aren't familiar with it, it is a program that sends you a scanner to track your purchases. It is quick and fun and you earn points that you can redeem for items like electronics, toys and more.

It is an excellent program and several bloggy friends just simply have their kiddos do the scanning. Easy and fun for them!

You simply go here to sign up and see if you are eligble for a scanner.

I only promote earning programs that I use myself in order to make sure ya'll arent getting signed up for a bunch of junk. I am currently on the waiting list for a scanner, but hopefully soon I will get it!
I do belong to another Nielsen program that they arent accepting new members for and I can tell you that they are a honest and legit company.

So sign up, and let me know if you get to start scanning and how you like it!


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