Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things are Amping up around here...

The countdown has officially started. We leave in just 2 more days! I have been hard at work getting guest posts scheduled for you while I am gone and let me tell ya...we have some awsome bloggers coming to visit :-)

I thought I would share some of my "going on vacay deal finds" Just cause I have all this extra time ya know? There are lots of ways to save money when taking off on a vacay, but there are some cost cutting methods for the trip itself as well...

First off, check out what you can from the Library. We are stocked up with books for the kids to keep busy on the L-O-N-G journey...

1 FREE Audiobook RISK-FREE from Audible

We also used free trial to download an audio book for the 17 hour ride. We drive at night, so we have found that audio books are the best way to stay awake and help time pass. I like because a. it was FREE! and b. I can download the book directly to my ipod and dont have to worry about changing CDs while I am driving at high speeds....keeping everyone just a bit safer. They offer a 14 day trial and then you can cancel if you dont wish to keep the service. Regardless of if you pay for it or not, it is TONS cheaper than downloading from Amazon or Itunes. 7.95 an audio book is a super cheap price!

We have reservations at Rain Forest Cafe when we are on vacay and I was able to score some discounts there. I printed off some "goal charts" for my kids and now they can eat kid meals for only 99 cents. Saving me 5 dollars each! YAY! If you know what resturants you will be eating at, you may want to pop over to their websites and see what promos they offer.

Make sure you peruse your Dollar store. I am picking up ponchos, headphones for the kids and those glowing light necklaces there today. It is much cheaper to buy them for a buck then to spend 8 dollars in the park...and honestly who really cares what a rain poncho looks like?

Hope this helps!


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