Monday, July 19, 2010

Awsome Movie Ticket Deal

Weekly Cinema

Wow! This just came across my inbox and I am super pumped about it. Since I have teenagers, this is going to save me a boatload of cash.

With Weekly Cinema You can sign up to recieve 3 movie tickets a month for only 14.99 and you get a free movie ticket the first month!

So here is how it works, Sign up here and you will be given the code for your 4 movie tickets from fandango. Your credit card will be charged the $14.99 and then at the first of every month you can get 3 more movie tickets!

You can use these tickets anywhere that Fandango offers and they are good not only on regular tickets, but for 3-D and IMAX as well. Anything up to a 14 dollar value per ticket. Since currently 3D movies are running over 12 bucks I am thinking that this is a super sweet deal. Even for a regular ticket I am still saving serious cash. You cant even go to a matinee for that price.

There are no contracts, no minimum purchases....if you wish to cancel you can do so quickly and easily with no fees whatsoever.

I am actually thinking that the movies have become affordable again!


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