Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Since it seems to be a slow deal day, I thought I would share about some of my struggles lately. I seem to be in desperate need of balance.

Now I since I have been couponing/dealseeking and blogging I have pretty much been a SAHM. I love it and it is great for me and my family. However, many of you dont know that I am actually a nurse as well. More specifically, I am a psych nurse. I love helping to care for the mentally ill and making a difference, but I love being home even more and dont plan to change that permanently.

However, I have been offered the opportunity to go back to my old job part time for the summer (my older kiddos are more than able to bsit Sam) and I accepted. It is crazy, fun,frusturating, and rewarding all mixed up together.

What I do struggle with is the balance between work, family, social obligations and of course couponing. I seem to have difficulty getting my groove on with my new work hours. I am not working much (20 hours or so) but it seems to throw off my entire week!

So what I am looking for is suggestions, comments,tips or just plain old advice to make my balance just a bit better...for all of us :-)


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