Friday, July 2, 2010

Free Snapple

I love Snapple Iced Tea, but it is PRICEY! So here is a rebate I am super pumped about!
All you do is:
Buy the 6 pack of iced tea

Send in an 3x5 index card with:

Phone and/or Email
Flavor Purchase
Price Paid
Store Name

AND you must send the original receipt dated between 5/1/10 – 7/7/10 and the original proof of purchase.

The rebate is good for one 6pk of Snapple up to 6.99.

Mail all the info to:

Snapple 6 Pack Rebate Offer
PO Box 40896
Houston, TX 77240

The best thing? You can use a rebate for everyone in your household, just use different names on the seperate index cards. This is not typical rebate procedure! I can get 6 packs of snapple for FREE!!

It may take up to 6-8 weeks for your check to arrive and make sure you keep copies of all your rebate info in case you have difficulty.

Thanks Saving Toward a Better Life


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