Sunday, July 25, 2010

Resturant Review

I dont typically do resturant reviews here, but I thought I would let ya'll know that the Hubs and I finally snuck away on a date night and used our GC from that we bought for 2 bucks. (code PLATE till July 31st)

We typically choose Paula's or Club Soda to go to, but were interested in this resturant that we had never been to before. It also had 2 big pluses, a. I could use it on the weekend, and b. It had a minimum total of 35 dollars, not necessarily 2 entrees.

So we plugged in the info into Henry (our gps) and headed off to Bourbon street hideaway on Sat night. It was an odd sort of place at first glance.

You have to descend a stairwell to the basement of Columbia Street and go through a huge doorway to get in to the resturant itself. I wasnt sure what I was envisioning, but it WAY exceeded my expectations.

It is in the refurbished basement with very cool exposed brick walls and a great fun atmosphere. The food is super yummy and the service was excellent!

Tim and I originally planned on snagging an appetizer and splitting a meal, but we were swayed by the menu choices. Tim loves him some Jambalya and they had a great 3 course meal for only 19.99. I got the 3 course with shrimp bisquqe, scallops and chocolate bread pudding (that I had to take home!!) and Tim got his jambalaya and salad. We each had an adult beverage :-) and even after tip shelled out just over 30 bucks!

Certainly we could have been more thrifty and gone with our original plan of sharing a meal and appetizer and having water for drinks... but Saturday we felt like living on the edge a bit :-)

All in all 30 some bucks with tip was an excellent deal for the tremendous amount of quality food we got. I would highly reommend this resturant to anyone! I think that Tim and I have found a new favorite!

Who else has been there? I need some food recommedations for my next date night :-)


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