Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meijer Brag!

I just have to post and brag a bit about my trip to Meijer!

I went early this am and spent 81.00 and change. A bit over my allotted $65 but I need to seriously build my stockpile again due to my coupon laziness lately.

I had 4 transactions, and 2 carts of groceries!

A grand total of 305.68 for only $81.00!!! WOOOT!

Now I did buy pretty much only sale items.

22 boxes of cereal
8 packages of keebler cookies
4 nutirgrain bars
4 packs of keebler snack crackers
2 boxes of cheez its
10 Sobe water
16 Juicy Juice
10 Kraft Cheese
2 stouffers easy meals
2 24 pk of toilet paper
2 pack of paper towels
2 gal milk
carpet fresh(not on sale)
pledge( not on sale)
old english(not on sale)
air filter (9.97)
2 packs of gold fish
12 pack K-cups(not on sale)

I would have taken a picture, but it was way too much for my counter to hold!

I had no problems with the catalina's in any of the transaction...or my coupons even!

Just had to brag a bit....

what were your best deals this week?


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