Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Free Products!

Yippee! The vista print offer is live again! They are giving away 10 free items to celebrate their 10th anniversary

Here are the free items you can order:

Free Business Cards
Free Return Address Labels
Free Rubber Stamp
Free Sticky Notes
Free Photo Wall Calendars
Free Photo Flip Book
Free Tote Bag
Free Mug
Free Photo Notebook
Free Mouse Pad
you will still pay shipping, but it starts around $4 If you can choose all 10 of the free things you can make it totally worth your while!!

Think gifts, organization ideas and whatever other crafty uses you can come up with. You customize your freebie and go. I have been totally thrilled with their products, so go here and grab yours!

Hurry, this one wont last long!


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