Thursday, August 26, 2010

Survey Round up

I know I have been introducing a lot of new survey companines lately, so in addition to the pinecone research site, I thought I would let y'all know about the other survey companies that I use and are happy with:

Mindfield Online Surveys is a great survey company with a low payment threshold. Once you hit 5 dollars you can cash out! I love that I can get my money quickly and easily. The surveys themselves are no issue, and not overly long in comparison.

Panda Research is the newest survey company that I signed up for. It looks to be a higher paid survey company (around 3.00 - 75.00) and also has a pay for click email program. You can cash out at 50 dollars, so the payment threshold is higher, but if the surveys are higher paying it all works out.

Global Test Market has easy to do surveys, you get a lot of them to complete, and if you are going to screen out, they do it quickly. You need 1000 points to cash out and surveys run anywhere from 75-150 points a piece.

Ipsos I Say is also a great survey company with quick screen out. I get several opportunities a week from them to take surveys and have been pleasantly surprised with the length of them.

You can tell the world's leading providers of products and services what you think and earn rewards by participating in surveys. Go to Toluna to sign up and test products and take surveys. I havent gotten much from them yet, but I just signed up recently.

Synovate is a another survey company that I just signed up for recently. You can test new products, take surveys and earn points to trade in for CASH! I love trying out new stuff for FREE!! If you enter now, you will also be entered into their Monthly Sign-up Sweepstakes with over 200 winners monthly. I am liking them so far

Other Programs

Nielson Home Scan is a company that I am excited about, but havent actually used. I did however get a letter from them recently that said I am closer to getting a scanner :-) You can go here and see if you qualify or get on their wait list. You can earn money and products from scanning items from home. Super easy

Nielson Digital Voice is a program that rewards you for surfing the internet. Simply sign up, install the software and they will enter you into their monthly giveaway for prizes as long as the program is installed. I havent won yet, but I am hopeful. Other than installing the software, I dont even have to think about this to participate.

Inbox dollars is a great program that you earn for simply clicking on email. There are tons of other things you can do, but I do the email only. This gives me money simply for clcking. Cash out is at 30 dollars and I have cashed out once already.

is a program I talk about a ton, but that is because it is supplying a big chunk of my christmas fund. I have earned tons of swagbucks for doing searches that I would be doing anyway. Easy peasy

These may all seem like they arent worth the time or effort, but I simply do surveys and search as I watch tv at night. I dont really have to think about it even :-) I am pretty optomistic that between a combination of all these programs I will have saved enough to pay a large amount of my Christmas shopping! All without leaving my house :-)

What survey companies do you use??


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