Friday, September 24, 2010

Family Time

So for some reason, the first day of Autumn ended up being 90 degrees! *whew*

Now dont get me wrong, I love the hot weather, but it makes it pretty rough on my sports lovin son. Zach is running cross country AND playing football this year and sadly for him, he had back to back practices yesterday.

So we decided to stop for some one on one time afterward and I learned the best thing:

I can take any of my kids out for $0.50!! Woo Hoo

So heres the deal. Wendys is offering up their $1 treat sheets that give you like 6 junior frostys for free. But a junior frosty isnt gonna go far with my 10 year old son. Evidently that is just not enough ice cream :-)

So I went through the drive through and ordered 1 treat sheet = $1.00 and 2 small frosties (um...mama likes frosties too!)

They let me use the treat sheet I ordered to pay for my frosties!!

1 ticket= junior size
2 tickets= small size and so forth....

SO for a buck I got 2 small frosties and have 2 more tickets for next time!

I got to enjoy precious time with Zach, a great ice cream and not break the bank all a the same time!!

Do you have any money saving tips for family time??


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