Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Organization 101: Homeade Cleaners

Did you know that you can practically clean your entire house with just 2 products? Seriously. I love my house to be super clean, and although I fail miserably at times, I do try pretty hard, and employ the busy hands of my 4 kiddos. What I dislike about cleaning is the chemical smell and the concern that goes with that when my 4 year old is scrubbing.

So in order to be safer, greener, cheaper...whatever you wanna call it, I looked into some natural cleaners and became pretty pleasantly surprised by the results.

This post is going to be about Vinegar.
Vinegar is my best friend when it comes to cleaning. I use it to clean my bathrooms, floors, stains, and just about anything else. It does a great job and is super cheap to use. And the smell? Well it totally disapates when it dries.

Take a bottle of half vinegar and half water and you can:

Clean your bathroom counters and toilet
Mop your floors
Clean out your fridge
clean out your microwave, diswasher and other appliances
clean counters
clean up stains (will get the smell out as well) on carpet and furniture...I use it on my rugs all the time.
Clean out your bathroom tub
use instead of a rinse aid to have crystal clear glasses
Once a month dump a cup into your washer and run the cycle to keep it running well and not clogged with soap scum
Removes mineral deposits and coffee stains
Deodorizes your garbage disposal
Removes gum and sticky labels....and so much more!!!

Now the tub thing.... Here is the deal. I have 3 bathrooms, 2 which have those nice handy glass doors...THAT I HATE!! No matter what I do, they seem to be always covered in soap scum. I guess that is what you have when you have 6 people showering in them huh?

So anyways, My friend Tara commented on my last organization post about using vinegar and a majic eraser on the soap scum. I seriously was doubtful. Honestly I love Tara, but I have been fighting soap scum for over 20 years and never have managed to conquer it yet. So I tried it.....

WOOT!!! It worked! It worked so stinkin well that I went on to the other bathroom to do those shower doors and I wasnt even gonna clean that bathroom that day! YAY!! Mystery solved.

So what do you use vinegar for?????????????


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