Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I was doing surveys last night while I was watching Tv. I love earning money mindlessly while doing something else that I love...but anyway,

I thought I would give you and update on Synovate and some other companies I like to do surveys for.

Synovate offers surveys AND product testing. I seriously love product testing~!! Who wouldnt love getting a potential hot new product and being the first to try it out? Seriously. I havent been with them very long but I am liking their surveys too. Clear concise surveys that dont ask the same questions over and over again. They are a winner in my book. They are open again too btw...go here if you want to sign up with them.

Pinecone Research is still one of my favorites. I just love getting $3 per survey. They pay the next day so no waiting for ever for money to arrive. Their surveys arent overly long either and I have gotten products to try out from them as well. They are open right now too! Go to Pinecone Research to sign up

Toluna is the newest of my survey companies that I have signed up with. I honestly havent done enough with them to give you an opinion but they do offer polls, testing and a whole network in which you can interact in. A cool concept, I just havent had the time to play with it. Go here to sign up.

I literally signed up for Survey Head last night. They offer $5 cash into your survey head account just for signing up. Sweet! I will update later about how I like it.

Mindfield Online Surveys is a great survey company with a low payment threshold. Once you hit 5 dollars you can cash out! I love that I can get my money quickly and easily. The surveys themselves are no issue, and not overly long in comparison

I was super excited to get a letter from Neilsen Home Scan finally! I have been on the waiting list for a scanner in which I can scan my shopping items for prizes and cash rewards :-) I really am all about the cash! Anywhoo....They sent me a letter saying that my scanner should be coming soon. I am still on the waiting list, but they anticipate needing me in the near future. Finally!! I am excited about this can you tell??

So what are your opinions on surveys and what companies do you like to use??? Opinions anyone?


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