Monday, February 4, 2013

A new beginning

Hey!!! long time no see right???

well... Life is crazy...but, I am a bit crazy so its all good right?

I so totally did not realize I have not updated this blog for OVER 2 YEARS!

Bad Bad Amy....

 So while I didnt fall off the face of the earth, there happened to be a lot of craziness going on. But what can you expect with 4 kids, 3 dogs and 2 cats really? But seriously, I went back to work (speaking of crazy...I am a psych nurse) I went back to school (to become an even a better paid pysch nurse) and became utterly addicted to.....

Which would be a wonderful thing, but the problem is:   I. Am. Not. Crafty.
-Not even a little bit.
  • I cant sew
  • I cant knit
  • I cant do crossstitch
  • I cant scrapbook
  • I cant fold paper flowers or whatever
The only somewhat crafty thing I can do is crochet...and considering I have a blanket  (somewhere) that I have tried to work on for about as long as I have not blogged, well you get the idea.

 The even bigger problem is that what I am in love with on Pinterest are all these home improvement diy thingys. Now I dont own any power tools...sans a drill nor do I know how to use any.

 Do you see the problem here??

Handy I am not... and neither is dh!

 My other favorite pins are the organization ones. Now did you actually read that first paragraph? You know, the one with 4 kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats... Does this give you any clue at all on how my organization techniques work? Sigh

The fact is that my house is usually trashed. Just keeping it real....

If I find out someone is coming over other than my family I become Momzilla until I get it all stuffed away! If you are wise you will never open any of my cupboards if you visit my house!

But the thing is my house still needs updated, decorated and organzied and we are on a BUDGET.... therefore I get to do all the joy myself:)

But in all honesty I love the idea of a lot of things on pinterest.  From recipes to homeade cleaners; and from organization to major renovation.  There are ways to improve your life without breaking your bank. An pinterest has A LOT of ideas!!!!

So my nice little coupon blog is gonna take a little turn for the worse...ummm better. If i find a super great deal I will let you know, but I am no longer doing coupon matchups and such. (Confession time:  I haven't couponed since I stopped posting in this blog!! I just restarted again last week!)

 More likely I am gonna start writing about how to save money with DIY....(and most likely how not to do it:) But it will be real..and chaotic I can assure you. with a bit of luck you can see what does work for the totally uncrafty AND unhandy at least!

I sure hope something does!
Stay tuned and enjoy


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