Saturday, February 20, 2010

Buying coupons

Ok, so every once in a while there is a super great deal. Really really good. and I ran out of coupons WAY TO SOON...

So I decided to try ebay. Just to give an informed opinion for yall....

I went on and searched the crest coupon for 75 cents off 1 toothpaste.

You see...

the toothpaste is on for 2.49
subtract the instore coupon for 1.50 off
AND the MFG coupons that I ordered for 75 cents off
and you end up with 24 cent toothpaste! Woo hoo
So I went to ebay and looked up coupons for the toothpaste from buy it now (cause I didnt want to wait till the auction ended) I found 10 coupons for a dollar and 70 cent shipping. I ordered them on Monday (a holiday btw) and had them by thursday.

Now I didnt need to rush out and use them since it is a month long deal, but I could have gotten the deal for the same week if I needed too!

So 10 toothpastes = 2.40 cents
ebay costs = 1.70
total for ten tubes = 4.10 so 41 cents a tube. Hmmmm
I can live with that.

Just a thought if you see a great deal!! ( I am actually doing it again with the razor and free body wash coupons...makes it 2.50 for a pack of razors AND a oil of olay body wash!! For some reason we go through an obscene amount of body wash and razors anyway..must be all the daughters I have. hehehehe)

Happy Clipping


Sara February 21, 2010 at 6:44 PM  

Another question, how exactly do you organize yourself with all of this, coupons, ads, blogs, etc. I sit down with this all and am overwhelmed. I am not sure of a PROCESS to make a grocery list. With couponmom, they include a list of everything, not always good deals. I can match ads with coupons, but after that, I can't figure it out. OK, step by step how you do it, or do you just checks sites and deals each day and make a running list?

amy February 21, 2010 at 8:11 PM  

I guess I didnt answer part of your question in my post. I dont menu plan for sales. I use sales around my menu plan. Since I plan monthly it would be impossible for me to get all my meals in from the sales of one week. I do stock up when things go on sale but it will be for the following month. Make sense?? Otherwise I am a running list kind of girl. I will start with the list I have done and add to it or subtract as I need. If I dont get to a store oh well. I dont make it an issue unless I REALLY want something. Since CVS and Walgreens are so close that is not an issue. It is the target deals I dont always get.

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