Saturday, February 20, 2010

Great coupons coming tomorrow/more on stacking

You all might want to buy an extra paper or two tomorrow. You can see the preview of the coupons here and in addition there will also be a proctor and gamble insert! I know that I am planning on stacking the childrens motrin coupon with the sale with RR and an extra coupon in the Walgreens coupon book to get it for about 2.50 each. We are out so I am in need of this before the next sickness appears...

So I have had a question or two about stacking. You can stack coupons in a couple different ways. First of all.

1. You can stack a MFG coupon and a Walgreens coupon
2. You can get a BOGO item and use 2 MFG coupons

So if I am going to buy the Revlon cosmetics that are Buy one get one for half price at walgreens next week:

I can use 2 MFG coupons (one for each item)
I can use 2 walgreens coupons from their in store flyer

all in addition to buying one and getting one for half price.

Or the Right Guard deodarant:

BOGO from walgreens (priced at 2.99)
Use 2 Printable coupons (
Get the 2 deodarants for 50 cents each!

The Excedrin menstrual I talked about earlier:

on sale for 2/5.00
(2) 2.00 off coupons printable
buy them each individually...for 2.50 each and get a 2.00 RR making it a 3.00 moneymaker if you buy 2.

Guess where I am going to be spending some cash this week???

I am about done with my coupon matchups for the week. I will post what I am buying this week and the transaction I am doing them in soon!!!


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