Monday, February 22, 2010

Super great CVS deal on Huggies Wipes!!

I went to do my shopping today and scored an excellent deal at CVS this week. I got the normal great deals of my ad matching with coupons (great deals on GM cereal and puffs) BUT here is why you need to go to CVS. Today. Tomorrow. Soon!

They have their Huggies wipes on sale for 2/5.00 good deal I suppose, BUT it was rumored that their big big big refill packs were on sale for the same amount. I mean the packs that hold enough refills to fill 3 boxes. The ones that are normally on for 7.99 each! They have a big 3 on the front.

Well I went to our closest CVS (Carroll rd) and while I was checking out, I had the cashier scan them for me. Yep. They are 2.50 each! I didnt have any huggies coupons to pair with it, but at this point I didnt care. They are not marked. I bought 5 packs and now have enough wipes to last me quite a while. So that being said Hurry to your CVS and see if you can get the same deal. Oh, and might want to go to a different one than I did...their stock is a little low now :-)

Happy Clipping


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