Sunday, March 28, 2010


YAY! I was so excited to hear this, and when I tried it, it worked...over and over again!

What do I mean when I say that it rolls?

Here is the scenario

Typically at Wags, you buy the item and it prints out a RR for you to use at your next purchase, but you cannot use it to buy the same item. So if it WAS NOT rolling I would do this...

Buy dove hair spray at 4.00 - pay 4.00 OOP
get 4.00 RR

Second transaction
Buy Ducolax, dansani water and green bag (water free with ducolax, greenbag free with water :-) for 10.00

Pay 6.00 OOP and use 4.00 Dove RR

third transaction:
Buy Dove hairspray 4.00
Buy 2 Neosporin and free first aid kit 8.00

Spend 12.00. Use 10.00 RR from Ducolax and 2.00 OOP.

Then you would repeat the process....


Since it is rolling you can buy hairspray after hairspray (or whatever you need...) and use the same RR to pay for it! YIPPEE!

How sweet is that????


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