Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wags trip 3-28

Ok, so Wags was SO MUCH BETTER!! Hehehe

I spent only 19.14 OOP and got 189.18 worth of goodies! Of course it took multiple transactions (5!!!) but I ended up at 2 different stores (cause I forgot the milk at the first store UGGH) so it all worked out, and I was able to grab a few things that the first store was out of. Lucky for me the 2 stores are fairly close together.


5 airwick compack imotion kits (FREE!)
5 bottles of Dove hairspray (FREE!)
1 bottle of ducolax(FREE!)
1 bottle Dansani water(FREE!)
1 recylable bag (FREE!)
2 First Aid boxes with 15.00 in 's (FREE)
2 Neosporin travel (.99 each)
2 Neosporin (1.99ea)
10 cans of tuna
1 gal milk
3 soft chew benadryl (free!)
1 liquid benadryl (FREE!)
1 vitamins for women (FREE!)
1 Clean and clear face wash
1 12 pk TP
2 stauffers Mac and Cheese
1 taffy

Lots of freebies for me this week!! I am going to post a seperate post, but the DOVE RR ROLLS!!! WOO HOOO. Made my life SO MUCH EASIER!

Did u have as much fun at Wags this week??


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