Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Filling out for all those free samples/newsletters...

For me the free samples I recieve are invaluable. Not only do I get to try a new product, but typically they come with coupons as well. I LOVE going to my mailbox and seeing all those little goodies in there. Just yesterday I recieved:

A full sized bottle of Pantene Shampoo
A sample of coffee
Burts Bee's natural toothpaste
Stayfree pad
Gold bond antibacterial lotion
A sample of Olay total effects body lotion

I was so excited. But the point to this post is to give you a couple of helpful hints to making getting those freebies and newsletters easier.

First of all, you will want to set up a seperate email addy for these types of things or your inbox will start overflowing. It is simple to create a new email at hotmail or gmail. You then can just check it once a day or so for any free coupons the companies might send you

Second, I downloaded roboform for free to fill in those long forms without taking up my time. Basically you fill out the information once, roboform saves it, and each time you clik on the icon for roboform on your toolbar it fills in all the info for you!

This is helpful if you want to start taking online surveys as well. A post on making money on the net will be coming soon.....


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