Saturday, March 27, 2010

Making money online

I have had several people ask me how to begin making money online. The internet has many opportunites to make a little bit of money while doing things that you like to do anyway. Clicking on emails, taking surveys are all legitimate ways of making money. It isnt a lot, no one is going to get rich taking surveys, but over time it does add up.

I participate in several companies to make me a bit of green every so often. It gives me something to do when I am watching tv or whatever. All of these companies I have used, and recommend. I wont ever refer anyone to something I havent done myself.

My Inbox Dollars is a program where you can chose a variety of ways to earn money online. I currently only do program where you get paid to click email. I have been doing it approximately for 2 weeks or so and have a current balance of 7.50. Not too bad for clicking just to open an email.

Vindale research will send you offers to evaluate products and services and pay you for your time. So far the only one I have completed is an offer for a photo place but had no issues with completing it at all

Lightspeed Panel is a survey company that I like a lot. You get paid via points and can redeem points for a variety of things, my fav is the amazon gift cards. I get several surveys from them a day and if I am going to end up excluded (not everyone is accepted for every survey) they do it quickly so they dont waste my time.

I also LOVE a survey company called Pinecone Research. They send me surveys a few times a month, and I also have gotten free products from them to review. They pay a flat 3.00 survey and if you qualify to review a product, you will get the inital 3.00, the free product, and another 3.00 when you review it for them. I do have to say I love this company. I cannot give you a link because they are currently not accepting new members, but when they open up again I will let you know ASAP.

One of the easiest things I do besides My Inbox Dollars is a progam called Me File You have a little box on your desktop and you click on it to view websites that you can visit. Now I dont make a ton of money off of them but they pay within a day or 2 directly into your paypay account. I really like this one, and like that I get paid super quick too!

All these ways are great sources just to make a bit of extra money. No scams, no viruses, nothing like that on any of these sites. So if you want to try them you can feel safe about it.

Hope that can help you earn some extra money along with saving it!


amy March 28, 2010 at 10:43 PM  

Not yet....I have heard about it, but havent tried it personally yet. Are you using it?

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