Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ways to save on everyday purchases

Have you heard of Scrip?

Scrip is a fundrasing program that is available all over the country. It can be found at many schools, churches, or other non profit programs. For us, our eldest daughter is in color guard and they offer it to help pay band fees YAY!

Anyway, it can be run a variety of ways but the big deal is that you purchase gift cards that you were going to buy anyway and the scrip program gives a percentage back into your account.

So if you go to Meijer every week for groceries, you can buy gift cards in different denominations and get 3% back on the groceries you were going to buy anyway.

they have hundreds of retailers to choose from.

Now be aware of the detais of your program. Our program puts the entire percentage into our band account to offset the over $400.00 worth of band fees a year. Our elementary and middle schools do the same to cover book fees. But I am aware of some schools that do it an only give the participants half of the percentage in order to make money for their program as well, not just benefit the paticipants.

Our local christian radio station offers it in a way of supporting their outreach, so for just a little bit extra of your time you can order the gift cards and they will recieve the monetary donation to help stay on the air.

It is a simple way to save just a bit extra on things you were going to be buying weekly. Now it wont make anyone rich, but it does help you and/or the nonprofit you are buying from. In my book that is a win win situation.

You can go here to see a list of participating retailers, and find out how to get a Scrip program started for your favorite non-profit!


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