Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Tim and I love Resturants.com for our 'Date Night' that we have once a month. It gives us a chance to:
a. Try new resturants
b. Save money
We are pretty cheapfrugal if you havent noticed. I like to cut corners as much as I like to eat at nice resturants. This way we can buy a gift certificate worth 25 dollars for 2.00 (using the code below) and have a pretty pricey dinner for really cheap.
If you live where I do, my fav place is Club Soda...YUM but I am never going to go there without this kind of discount it is simply too pricey!
So here is how you can save 80% Off Restaurant.com $25 Gift Cert. orders. Use code BITE and Pay $2 thru 3/16/10. I know that is today so get shopping! I always buy it when this promo is on, but dont have to use it right away.
Have fun and let me know where you are going to go on date night this month!


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