Monday, March 15, 2010

Target 3 15

I was super excited with my deals at Target tonight though. I bought 95.25 worth of items for 27.77 after GC and I got LOTS of freebies! (20 dollars of it was the legos btw)

The breakdown:
4 single bowls of Kashi cereal (Free)
4 12 ct boxes of poptarts (75 cents each)
4 boxes frosted miniwheats (50 cents each)
2 boxes rasin bran crunch (75 cents each)
2 boxes frosted flakes (75 cents each)
1 pkg of starbucks coffe
1 oral b kids toothbrush (free)
3 bath buddies (free)
2 lego city fire truck kits (for the gift closet)

I was pretty darn excited let me tell you! Tomorrow it is Meijer and boy do I have a stack of coupons for there!
How did you do this week???


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