Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shout out to Stauffers!

I recently wrote into Stauffers regarding their animal crackers. the last bag we bought (and my kids LOVE them) was stale. YUCK. So I wrote to them just to let them know about my problem and dissatisfaction. It took appx 5 sec to fill out the form and leave a quick note about my problem.

Imagine my surprise when the UPS guys showed up at my door yesterday with a box from the Stauffer company. With a HUGE bag of animal crackers in it. I love such awsome customer service!!!

It is always a great idea to let companies know your opinion. Kristin at Couponing to disney has a great daily post called 5 a day. She writes to 5 companies a day and gives them her imput, good or bad. She will then post the follow up results to her emails. I do this to a degree but certainly not 5 a day. I check out her list daily and pick just a couple that I feel like I want to give my imput on. Normally I am complimenting but if there was a problem I mention it. The companies love to hear from you both good and bad. and a lot of times will send you a Q or 2 for your time. Try it!


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