Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wags trip 3-24

I did great at my local walgreens this week. I am seriously loving these diaper deals. I am not going to have to buy any for several months whoo hoo! So here is the break down.

I spent 31.50 on 126.00 worth of items!! Hehehehe. Not to mention that I am going to be getting 8 dollars back in the olay rebate from here making my oop only 23.50!

I bought

6 packs of huggies dipers
1 olay quench body lotion
1 olay in shower lotion
1 crest mouth wash
2 Mr Peanut trail mixes
2 scotch donut tapes
2 oscar mayer bacon
5 laffy taffy as fillers

the purchase I am most happy about. My new binder! You see when I purchased my binder I bought a 1 inch. Well I am amassing quite a coupon collection and have outgrown my binder. I needed to buy a new one, and I was super excited when i found this one on clearance for just 5.24! It is a zip up binder with a strap! Much easier to lug with me every where. It also has 2 sets of 3 rings so I can divide up my Q's even more! YAY. Food on one side, beauty and necessities on the other!!

Can you tell I am excited?

How was your trip this week??


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